3rd Party Modules Designed For RC2014

The open nature of the RC2014 means that it is not difficult to design new modules to work with it.  Whilst I have made quite a few, it is really exciting that others have stepped up and made their own modules to either fill the gaps or build on what is already available.

I encourage people to make their own modules.  This page is a brief list of the 3rd party modules designed for RC2014 that I am aware of.  Please be aware that support for these is from the respective designers.  If you have a modules not on this list, please use the contact page to let me know about it


Ed Brindley – YM-AY Soundcard


Ben Chong – 16550 UART


Ben Chong – Enhanced Z80


Ben Chong – 3k RAM Module


Mild Lee – Multifrequency Clock


Thomas Riesen – 8255 LCD Module


Szymon Roslowski – Dual Socket Backplane

(Not currently publicly available)


Szymon Roslowski – HID Controller

(Not currently publicly available)


Dr Scott Baker

The most prolific designer of modules for RC2014.  Each of his boards are well documented with schematics and a video discussing what they do and how they do it, and are available on OSH Park.  The links below go to the appropriate blog page for each one, but be aware that there are many more things worth looking at on that blog!