Assembly Guides

In addition to these simple assembly guides, please also refer to the appropriate module page and the corresponding schematic diagram

RC2014 Classic ][ Assembly Guide

RC2014 Mini II Assembly Guide

RC2014 Mini II CP/M Upgrade Kit Assembly Guide

RC2014 Micro Assembly Guide

RC2014 Pro Assembly Tips РWritten by user Jerry Barnett

RC2014 Zed and Zed Pro Getting Started Guide – Written by Bruce Hall

Jumper Settings

RC2014 Pro Jumper Settings

RC2014 Plus Jumper Settings – 32k BASIC

RC2014 Classic or Classic II With CPM Upgrade Kit Jumper Settings

Older kits

RC2014 Mini Assembly Guide

RC2014 Mini CP/M Upgrade Kit Assembly Guide

Full Monty Assembly Guide

Other module assembly guides will be added shortly.

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