The RC2014 was designed such that standard stripboard could be used as the backplane. This board essentially does the same as stripboard, but has been designed specifically for the RC2014 and has a few extra features features


  • Expandable up to 5 daughter-boards.
  • DC power socket – 2.1/5.5mm barrel jack. If you wish to power the RC2014 with 6v – 14v, there are pads for mounting a LM7805 regulator and capacitors to give a regulated 5v to the board. If you are using a regulated 5v supply, such as from a USB adapter,simply jumper across the 5v Direct pads.
  • 40 pin sockets – RC2014 modules typically uses 34 or 36 pins, but additional sockets are available for extended features.
  • Clearly labelled pin identifiers.
  • Nice rounded corners and mounting holes
  • Power LED
  • Reset button

This backplane can be used to mount the 5 essential modules (CPU, ROM, RAM, Clock & Serial I/O) for a small neat RC2014. 5 straight 40 way sockets are supplied to enable this.

Alternatively, it can be used to extend your existing RC2014, either horizontally or vertically for an extra 3 usable slots (1 slot on each board will be used for interboard connection). 40 way right angle pins and 40 way right angle sockets are supplied to enable this. You can also chain more than 1 of these boards (Sorry, I’m not sure what the maximum is yet… but if you find out, please let me know!)

Click image below for schematic in PDF format

Backplane-5 Schematic


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Bill of Materials

RC2014 BACK5 PCB 1
2.1mm Power Jack 1
40 Way SIL Socket 5
40 pin RA header 1
40 Way RA SIL socket 1
100nf 5
Tactile Switch 1
2k2 Resistor 1
3mm Green LED 1
330r resistor 1