Backplane Pro

The Backplane Pro builds on the features of the Backplane 8 but with 12 slots it also adds an optional second row of pins for the Enhanced Bus as well as a couple of other convenient power connectors

In it’s supplied form, all pins from every slot is connected to the same pin on every other slot.  Therefore, any module can be plugged in to any slot.  However, between slot 3 & 4 and slot 10 & 11 on the standard bus, there is a double row of holes where the copper joining them is exposed on the underside.  This makes it easy to cut through to isolate the left-hand 3 slots or right-hand 2 slots. If required, resistors or diodes can be soldered in.  (If using the SD Memory Module it is recommended fitting 10k resistors between that and the CPU Module here).  Note that this only affects the standard bus, not the enhanced bus.

It is anticipated that the RC2014 will be powered from a USB adapter via the barrel jack, in which case a jumper will need to be fitted across the ‘5v power’ link.  However, the footprints are on the board for a 7805 regulator (or more efficient 7805 compatible switch mode regulator) and capacitors if you wish to run from a higher voltage and convert to 5v locally.

A power switch is included, along with a 5v screw terminal and 5v auxilary pins if you wish to take power off to other devices.

The reset button and the power LED are the same as with the Backplane 8 or Backplane 5.

At the time of writing, not many modules make use of the enhanced bus, so you will only need to connect the additional 20 way sockets where you will be using modules that take advantage of this.  You may wish to read this article on preparing double pin connectors for use on modules

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Bill of Materials

  • RC2014 BACKPRO PCB 1
  • 2.1mm Power Jack 1
  • 40 Way SIL Socket 12
  • 20 Way SIL Socket 4
  • 100nf 12
  • Tactile Switch 1
  • 2k2 Resistor 1
  • 3mm Green LED 1
  • 330r resistor 1
  • Jumper 1
  • USB Barrel Lead 1
  • 40×2 RA Header 4
  • RA Toggle Switch 1
  • 2 Screw Terminal 1
  • Rubber Foot 6
  • 2 pin RA Header 1