Backplane Motherboard Lacing

Having the ability to isolate some slots on the Backplane 8 can be very handy at times, and putting some protection in between modules can be very worthwhile.  However, if you want to connect the outer slots, then soldering little links can be fiddly and time consuming.


Thankfully, there’s a quick and easy way to do it.

The photos are probably self explanatory, but get a length of 300-400mm of stripped solid core wire and solder it through one hole to hold the end in place.  Then lace it all the way down, going horizontally on the top of the board and diagonally underneath.  Don’t worry if it’s not too neat underneath.  Solder each joint (I find it easiest from the top before all the sockets are in place, or from underneath if they are already fitted).  Then simply cut all the diagonal links off of the underside.  Job done!


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