Use Pocket C.H.I.P as RC2014 Terminal

If you don’t know about Pocket C.H.I.P, then firstly, where have you been? And secondly, check out

Assuming you have one, and assuming you have an RC2014, I’m sure you’re wanting to connect them together. Well, good news… it’s easy!

To begin with, open the Terminal and download Screen;

sudo apt-get install screen   (Default password is chip)
The biggest “gotcha” is that the internal serial port service needs to be turned off, otherwise it just spews stuff.  To do this, 

sudo systemctl stop serial-getty@ttyS0.service

(Have a look at this article on more info about that) 
Then start screen

sudo screen /dev/ttyS0 115200

The connectors on the top of the Pocket C.H.I.P are those nice offset ones that will take a strip of straight header pins and hold it there (Thanks NextCo!), so plug in a 4 way header to the very right, and connect Ground, UART:TX, UART:RX to the RC2014.

And that’s it! You’re good to go! 

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